Birchbox 2015 – Best Lifestyle Products

Welcome to the Best in Birchbox Man 2015! Over the past year I’ve received products from probably at least 20 to 30 different brands. In this mix have been some great ones as well as a few duds, so I wanted to end this year of Birchbox Man by recapping the best products of 2015.

This week I want to focus on those products which in theory should still be getting used.. a LOT.. the Lifestyle product.

If you are subscriber to the Women’s Birchbox you might be wondering what this item is.. I know they don’t get this item typically, but our boxes cost $20 instead of $10… so we need a little something extra.

The Lifestyle products are typically ones that you get choose each month so I might have decided on these instead of others.. but that doesn’t mean that all of them have been winners.. in fact I could only come up with 5 that I’d recommend to others.


The List:

Cory Vines – The Path Shirt
This was one of my first Lifestyle products of 2015.. and its still my favorite.  This is a from a fitness focused brand, but can easily be worn  outside the gym without looking odd.  The fabric is incredibly soft, warm, & absorbent if you are using it for a workout.

This is Ground – Cordie Taco
When I first got the Cordie Tacos I was obsessed & wondering why I didn’t think of these my self.. they are so simple.. but so smart.  Over the year I’d found them very helpful during travel.

Sailor Made – Charger Bracelet
Is this a product that’s enriching my lifestyle in anyway… nope, but it is cute!  I love anything nautical so this item perfectly fits into my imaginary boat life.

CoalaTree – Nomad Backpack
This backpack is starting to show some wear and tear, so I can’t say that it’ll be sticking around for ever.. but it’s held up much longer than most things you buy for less than 20 bucks!

LSTN Headphones – Bowery Earbuds
I love these headphones for two reasons.. first they cord is soooo long!  If you constantly feel like you are pulling on your cords check this brand out!  The second reason is the volume, I’m not sure if I’ve always just had cheap ear buds before…. but this set really rocks!




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