Building a Wall Tree for the Holidays

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving last week, I celebrated with the Chicago Spirit Brigade by marching the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, similar to Macy’s but much smaller!   If you aren’t like me and didn’t start Christmas the day after Halloween… then Thanksgiving might begin your official holiday season so I wanted to share some of my holiday decorating/gift giving tips!

This week I wanted to focus on the big one… the tree.  If you happen to live in a smaller space, or just want to put more than one tree (hello self) today’s post is perfect for you.  Enter the Wall Tree.


This tree can be crafted to fit into any size, with as many lights as you want, & as detailed or simple as you prefer… because it’s just lights & 3M strips!

This is our second year with a Wall Tree, last year it was in a different location & I think this year’s looks much better.  I swear that 3M actually had a website last year with detailed instructions.. but I can’t seem to find it this year however it’s VERY simple to create yourself!


  • 3M (or any brand hooks) – I just say 3M because I know they won’t damage the walls.
  • 1 String of Lights
  • 1 Matching Length of Garland (if you want the diffused light you see in my photo, you could also just do lights)
  • 1 Topper – This year we found a paper star at Target which works great!  Last year we had a moose head decorated with lights!


The first thing you need to do is decide how many points you want down each side as well as how tall/wide.  Once you have that figured I would recommend using sticky notes to mark the spots you plan to hang each hook that way you can make sure it looks like the tree will be wide enough, tall enough, & generally look like a  tree!  Once you figure out where to place the hooks step back & determine if it looks ok, then place your hooks & allow them time to set (3M recommends 30 minutes usually).  The final step is to string the lights up, I do recommend going for a tighter line but that’s just my preference.  If you want to add the garland or some bulbs just make sure they are light enough for your hooks!

Finally sit back & a cup of hot cocoa & enjoy your new Wall Tree with some Christmas music in the background – my recommendation Kylie Minogue’s new album – Kylie Christmas


What’s your favorite Christmas song?


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