November 2015 Birchbox Man Review

Like lots of Men Birchbox decided to celebrate Movember with all of it’s subscribers -whether we are beard growers or not.  It was a nice reminder to consider supporting our friends who are participating PLUS it allowed me to try out a product I’d been considering for awhile.


This month’s Birchbox Man featured the following products:

  • Harry’s Truman Razor – The star of the box this month.  Included was a card for 4 additional replacement blades free of charge.
    • I was VERY excited to try this one.. I’m still getting used to it vs other razors (notably Dollar Shave Club). The blades on the Harry’s seem sharper, which is probably good but takes some getting used to.
  • CW Beggs and Son’s, Shower, Shampoo, & Shave
    • I received this product a few months ago.. same feeling as before, it’s an ok product but not one that I’m in a rush to repurchase.
  • DTRT Dear Matt Lotion
    • I wasn’t sure about this after the first application but after using it a few additional times I can honestly say that it does what it implies!  The product did a great job of helping my skin to stay shine-free throughout the day!
  • Parlor by Jeff Chastain  – Moisturizing & Repairing Conditioner
    • Wow.  The scent on Parlor products are amazing & this one delivered it again for me!  I liked the effect it had on my hair.  I can’t really attest to how well it worked.. may hair is pretty short but I think it’s one that I’d recommend.
  • Parlor by Jeff Chastain – Moisturizing and Repairing Shampoo
    • Yum.  Much like the Conditioner, this product delivers an amazing scent & does a pretty good job of delivering upon it’s promises.
  • Cartier Pasha Edition Noire 
    • As much as I love getting cologne samples.. I’ll be honest I never got around to using this one.  I did a good deal of traveling & the bottle wasn’t travel friendly so it sat in my bathroom most of the month.  In limited doses I enjoyed it but can’t attest to all day wear.

Overall the Movember Birchbox Man deliver was a pretty strong one, few brands I knew I liked, one I wanted to try, and of course discovering new products like always.

Interested in getting your own Birchbox?  Check out this link

In December I’ll be reviewing the final box of the year, PLUS doing a year long review telling you all about the best products from 2015.  I’m considering cancelling Birchbox & trying out some other “of the month” clubs – any recommendations for me?


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