A Civilized Response to Charlie Sheen’s HIV Announcement

Depending upon when you read this post either there is a rumor that Charlie Sheen will be announcing something related to his HIV status, or Charlie Sheen may have announced that he is HIV Positive on the Today Show.  Like many things in life we have a choice to make, we can respond to this with negativity & humor… or we can decide there is enough of that out in the world right now.

Instead of making light of the fact that someone has a life threatening illness why not choose the path of compassion?  I’ve already seen a few folks on my social media channels sharing negativity surrounding this issue & quite frankly it’s sad.

You don’t make fun of the person who contracted lung cancer from smoking, you don’t find the humor in someone attempting self-harm, so why is this disease any different?

Instead of all the negative things that could be said why not take this time to reflect & educate? If Charlie Sheen does in fact announce he is HIV positive he’s going to be facing some huge obstacles & social stigmas moving forward.

  • While Charlie Sheen might not have trouble paying for his HIV medication plenty of folks do – & it’s getting even harder – Story from the Body
  • The social stigma of being HIV positive is still a problem & people still face discrimination because of their HIV status.
  • Charlie Sheen could face unnecessarily strict HIV criminalization laws because of his status – Criminalization 101

While you may read this and think to yourself, ok but it’s Charlie Sheen not Mother Theresa, I’d encourage you to choose the high road.


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