An appreciation of the first wintry day.

Yesterday in Chicago, & much of the Midwest, we experienced what I would consider the first true sign that winter is coming.  We’ve had some beautiful fall days, but those are fall & this most recent storm was more winter in nature.  All too often people experience this first day & immediately think of all the negatives associated with winter, they think about how cold they’ll be, the snow, the messy commutes, but we don’t think about the positives… & today I tried to do just that.

I like the first windy cool day because it reminds us that our lives are in a constant state of change.

I like the first bleak grey day because it gives us to chance to choose our mindset.

I like the first wintry day because for me… winter is when I feel alive.

In the summertime we are all expected to be busy, go to this event, spend the weekend outside, & generally keep busy.. because the weather is just so nice!  On the other hand, everyone gives you a pass in the winter.  It’s easy to go weeks without planning a social outing with friends, charity event.. in the snow, and the list goes on.. but doing these things.. making the choice to go outside & face the wind.. That means you really care.

I know that my feelings about winter aren’t felt by everyone, lots view summer as the time they feel alive & winter is just another word for hibernation season… but I encourage you to take the positive mindset, spend a few moments more than necessary outside & try to find the light within this bleak season.


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