My Denver Love Letter

I’ve got a confession to make… I just had a week-long love affair.. with Denver!

If you’re like me and had never been to The Mile High City you might not understand it, but I’m honestly smitten with the place! I’ve had Denver on my list of places to visit for a while, I’ve heard how beautiful the mountains are, how clean the air is… but it just never made it to the top of the list, until now.

I spent the last week exploring the Denver area, as far south as Colorado Springs and north to Boulder, I got the chance to visit Evergreen and catch a glimpse of some fabulous vintage mountain charm on the way. If you are someone who lives (and loves) in the City Denver is the perfect mix of natural beauty & cosmopolitan life! The entire time I was driving I was astounded by the views of the Mountains! I didn’t realize that you basically have a million dollar view All the time!

The city also has plenty of delicious restaurants & talented mixologists, I was never thirsty in Denver. It’s one thing to enjoy the views from the city… but you really need to live them as well! I would recommend a trip to Red Rocks, like most people, but while you are out there be sure to stop at Dinosaur Ridge. The tour offered at Dinosaur Ridge is both informative and entertaining, PLUS you get to see tracks left by dinosaurs!

Another place I’d recommend is a bit farther out, but worth the drive time! There is a great little town nestled in the mountains named Evergreen.  It’s located in the Bear Creek Canyon – you’ll find restaurants, shops, and plenty of sights to see!

I can’t wait to plan another trip to the 5280, hopefully with a little more time in the mountains!

Where are you planning to visit next?


4 Replies to “My Denver Love Letter”

  1. So excited you went to Dinosaur Ridge! I live in Denver and love taking guests there. It’s such an easy walk/hike and you get to learn about dinosaurs and see their footprints and bones. How awesome is that?! You should totally come back to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park sometime.

    What did you think of the Botanic Gardens? I’ve only been in the summer, don’t know what it’s like in the fall!


    1. Dinosaur Ridge was awesome! We always get to see actual dinosaur fossils but rarely do we get to see their lives! I absolutely want to get back & spend more time out of the city!

      The gardens were much nicer & had a wider variety of plants that I expected to be honest!


  2. Denver is great, but the mountains are even better. As an outsider, I was deeply impressed by the foothills. But then I hiked deep in the mountains and was doubly mind blown. At first you think, “Oh, this isn’t that much better than what I saw in town.” But then you see some elk , and then you turn a corner and are confronted by a ridiculously beautiful mountain lake, surrounded by towering cliffs.


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