October Birchbox Man Review

This month’s Birchbox Man included a significant number of brands which were new to me, both in the personal care and lifestyle areas. I had my usual choice of lifestyle & would have probably opted for this item anyway but happened to be traveling and not have access to the choice email this month.

Birchbox October

This month was a generic themed box, not one of the special partnerships like last month. I enjoy having a mix of those as well as basic boxes but for now let’s get into the products:

Tretorn Socks, I received two pairs of socks one blue and one brown. I believe these are geared towards boot or hiking use.. which I do don’t often do, but I did find them to be comfortable and pretty warm! The color patterns are a bit “ugly Christmas sweater” but in a fun trendy way.

Oxford Bleu cologne from English Laundry, I’m beginning to wonder how many different scents English Laundry has.. I think I have close to 7 different samples! This one is nice, as the name suggests it’s more of a refined scent.

CW Beggs and Sons 3 in 1 which happens to be a chicago company! While I’m all for supporting a local(to me).. this product just isn’t for me. I’m simply not a fan of these types of products.. I find the body wash part not foaming enough, the shampoo part not cleansing enough, and didn’t even attempt to shave with it! I will give them a few points for the scent, but not enough to repurchase.

Clinque for Men Oil Control Face Wash, oddly enough in all my years of testing out products this is somehow my first time using Clinque. The promise of this product is to control oily areas & it does just that! I didn’t feel like it was too strong for the skin either!

Jack Black Hand Healer, this is another brand that I can’t believe I’ve not tried.. the lip products are wildly popular & if they are anything like this hand cream I understand why! The scent is amazing, reminds of a spa, the actual hydration of the product works quite well!

Like I said lots of new brands for me this month, which is always exciting & why I love my Birchbox Man subscription. If you are interested in signing up for your own Birchbox visit this link.


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