Weekend Recap 10.21.2015

Hello folks! This weekend was the start of a 2 week-long business trip… So somewhat boring in a lot of ways, but there were a few highlights!

Friday I left work and decided that I needed a simple night in… with Pizza! After a horribly unhealthy dinner I decided to swing into Target and stalk the clearance racks & found a few candles I’d had my eye on for a while! I also found a few board games I contemplated buying.. but held back.

I had to work on Saturday and then finally get around to packing.. it’s not like I was leaving the next day or anything. After a few rounds of pack, unpack, and repack I think I have everything I need squeezed into a bag just slightly under weight.

I woke up bright and early on Sunday and made my way to Austin for a few days. The last few weeks have been horrible in terms of eating healthy, so as soon as I landed I scoped out the Snap Kitchen locations so that I could figure out a healthy option for the next few days. I also set out on a hunt for nature.. living in Chicago it’s so easy to go months without seeing open space… so I’ve been trying to add lots of it into my travels this fall!  I found a great park called Bull Creek, it seems to be very popular with dog owners & parents!

I also decided to try out a new fitness class (thanks to Classpass it’s super easy to try new spots) I took a class with Dosh at Crush Fitness I can’t recommend this place enough, great workout (treads/weights), free parking, & cool towels after the workout… #happy
Thanks for reading! I’m currently in Houston but will be heading to Denver on Friday morning so I’m looking forward to a few things… dinosaurs, brunch, and plenty of relaxation.. followed by a week of work.

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