Norwegian Pearl Review: The Itinerary AKA Alaska

I’ve already talked about the boat, the services, & the people of the Norwegian Pearl, now I want to focus on the reason we took this cruise with Norwegian – Alaska. The itenary that we took included stops in Seattle, Juneau, Skagway, Ketichican, & Victoria PLUS a few days at sea as well as a day in Glacier Bay national park. I knew that Alaska was going to be amazing, but I don’t think I was prepared for how awesome it was! The cruise allowed you to see a few different types of Alaska – you see the capital & “city”, Skagway the historical town, Ketichican aka Salmon Capital of the world, the natural beauty of Glacier Bay, & finally a little international experience in Canada!

We flew out a few days early to experience Seattle a little, while I had an ok experience I can’t say that I’m in any rush to go back. It’s just not the type of place that I enjoy for vacation… BUT it does allow for a pretty easy boarding process – the docks are close to downtown & the workers were quite quick in getting you onboard.

Juneau was our first stop, which allowed us to choose from a number of different excusions, we opted to see a Glacier & ride the Mt. Richards Tram, both of these experiences were awesome. The Mendenhall glacier is awe inspiring – the park around it is also nice because you have a number of areas to explore & learn about!

Next up we headed to Skagway, which is a small town of about 400 year round residents, during this stop we opted to go on an Adventure Hike, where we were able to see 2 completely different ecosystems! The guides on our trip were very knowelegable and were able to tell us about not only the natural habitat but also the history of Skagway. The most popular option for most people was to take the Train at this stop, which would also be great because it’s one of the seven engineering marvels of the world!

Next up was a trip to Glacier Bay, which is a national park & home to many of the most awe inspiring moments of the trip! I can’t even hope to share how amazing this ways so instead I’ll just recommend that you go!

Finally we made our last stop in Alaska, Keitchican, aka Salmon Capital of the world! This was a cute little town, however it’s location also causes it to be the 2nd most rainy town in the country… so not somewhere I wanted to spend much time, this was one of the days I opted to stay on the ship and enjoy the spa!

The last stop before getting back to Seattle was a night in Victoria BC, which was a great way to end the trip! We got off the boat, walked around the town & found ourselves some Poutine… when in Canada right?

This trip as well as each of the stops were truly amazing, it’s not everyday that you get to see the 2nd rainiest city in the US, a place you can only get to by air or water, and of course the glaciers.  I can’t recommend this experience enough, it something that I’ll remember for years to come!


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