Weekend Recap 10.15.2015


Hello there! This week’s recap comes to you from exciting Normal, IL… yep the town is actually named normal & I must say… it fits perfectly! This weekend however was anything but “normal”, instead I was experiencing the excitement and beauty of Denver!
I was lucky to have Friday morning off work so I got to have breakfast with the boyfriend before he had to start working & made an ice cream base which we enjoyed later in the evening. After a quick day in the office we made our way to our neighborhood deep dish spot, Lou Malantis, and watched the cubs attempt to break the curse! While that didnt get off to a great start the Pizza was delicious and followed by some outstanding (if the chef may say so himself) homemade Chocolate Ice Cream.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a flight at 730, before that however I had the joy of meeting a lovely cab driver who has been working in Chicago for 39 years! Her name was Joan & she reminded me of a tv grandma! We chatted about life as a Chicago cabbie through the years, shortcuts I could take the next time I need to head towards Ohare during rush hour & her experience being one of the first cab drivers accepting credit cards WAY back in ’93! I’m so happy that I opted not too put on headphones & instead got to talk with her, it’s a nice reminder that everyone has a story and sometimes it’s good to stop and listen!

After landing in Denver I made my way to try out a new car rental provider, Firefly, which is a subsidiary of Hertz, I was a bit concerned after reading some bad Yelp reviews… but honestly it was a great experience!  I don’t know if I’m just a low maintainence person or lucky, but my experience with Firefly was outstanding, they were quicky, efficent, didn’t upsell, and provided me with a quality vehicle.    I spent the rest of the day seeing some of the sights, eating some local food, & exploring downtown.  I’ll be back in Denver in a few weeks so I just did a little exploring this trip!

On Sunday I had a full day of actual work & the reason I flew out for the weekend – the National College Fair.  The event was pretty succesful for me & seemed to be for the folks in attendance as well.  As the fair was going on  checked social media & saw that Southwest was having a pretty rough day which didn’t make me excited about heading to the airport.  Upon arrival I was actually surprised by how efficent the processes went even though they were having some technology issues!  I did get to witness folks using hand-written boarding passes.. which is just crazy to me.. The night ended with a somewhat less than stellar flight – 2 loud talkers & 2 crying babies near me on the flight back home, time to consider purchasing some noise cancelling headphones.
I hope that you had a great weekend!  I’ll be making my way to Austin on Sunday followed by Houston on Tuesday so if you have any recommendations of places to try while in the area please let me know in the commons section & enjoy these photos from my weekend.

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