Norwegian Pearl Review – The Services

Last week I talked about how much I enjoyed the Pearl itself, this week I want to focus on what makes the pearl more than just a floating city – the services & people on board.

If you are new to cruising you’ll find that each day is filled with what seems like an endless amount of activities! Every night before bed we took at look at the days upcoming activities and figured out what we would be doing the next day – this is important because otherwise you might miss something!

A few of the stand out staff members would be the Cruise Director Staff – they make the boat very fun! You’ll find them hosting trivia competitions, Bingo, dance contests, etc. not all of these are things that are fun.. but lots of them are, so just go to them and figure out what is something you enjoy!

If you happen to belong to a specific community (College Aged, LGBT, Latitudes) I would highly encourage you to participate in the activities! On our ship we found a group of about 10-15 people who attended the LGBT social events each night, it was awesome. The staff made us feel welcomed, hosted a dinner for us, planned bowling, etc. It made this boat with nearly 3000 people on board feel much more approachable and smaller.

Another service on board the boat which I can’t imagine cruising without was the Mandara Spa, during the first day they offer tours of the space.. and wow I’m so happy that we took a tour & ultimately bought a full access card – this allowed us to use the thermal suite which includes a thalassotherapy pool, multiple hot tubs, saunas, etc. They only sell about 95 of these on board the pearl so it keeps the numbers small inside & lets you have an awesome place to relax! I didn’t have any spa services, but I heard amazing things about all of them!

These types of things might exist on other cruise lines, but for me the Norwegian experience was so good that I don’t know if I’ll ever need to experience another cruise line!


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