Norwegian Pearl Review -The Ship

The Norwegian Pearl is a member of the jewel class of ships & I must say that it did in fact dazzle like a jewel during my recent vacation. My partner really wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise & due to the fact that we wanted to go over labor day we were initially limited in our selection of boats – but my experience with the Pearl and Norwegian was outstanding. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my thoughts on 3 key areas of the cruise – the ship, the staff/services, & the itinerary.

If you want to see specific details or follow along with my review checkout the deck plans on the Norwegian website

In terms of the ship itself, you will 13 decks a majority of which are used for mostly housing in a number of different styles of staterooms, everything from a small inside room up to The Haven which features multi-room suites for those looking for a private experience. We had a mini-suite with balcony because we were worried about how small the rooms might be… that was not a fear that we needed to have, there was more than enough space & I wouldn’t opt for that room in the future – a normal balcony would likely be enough space for 2 adults.

In addition to the staterooms you have a few floors which are simply for amenities which include both indoor and outdoor activities. On the Pearl you’ll find a bowling alley, climbing wall, multiple pools & hot tubs, a gym, spa, & plenty of space to relax.  The Pearl also has ample outdoor space, which would be nice during a different cruise – it didn’t get used that much during an Alaskan trip in September.

The other parts of the boat include a mixture of restaurants, bars, and lounges. The restaurants we dined at were: The Summer Palace, Indigo Room, O’Sheenans, & the Garden Café. All of these provided us with great service & somewhere between outstanding to less than stellar food (Garden Café). I loved the Freestyle dining method of Norwegian, which allowed us to choose when we wanted to eat – there wasn’t a set time, because we had different events & plans each night. My favorite spot to eat was the Summer Palace, the décor is great & the service was the best you’d find on the ship.

In terms of bars/lounges – you’ve got options, LOTS of them. We found ourselves using 3 areas most though – The Atrium, Spinnaker Lounge, & Bar City. These are three spaces which standout for different reasons – the Atrium has outstanding people watching, Spinnaker is the best view you’ll find on the boat, & Bar City has outstanding entertainment every night!

The ship also has ample space for people to spread out & relax, I never really felt crowded on the boat – even on the days we were at sea there was enough space on board that I didn’t notice the roughly 3000 people I was sharing my experience with.  You’ll find plenty of services on board as well, things like the photo studio, the spa, fitness classes, etc. & I’ll be covering some of those next week so make sure to stop back by!


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