Weekend Recap 9.23.15

Howdy! This week’s recap is coming to ya from the lone star state, I’m currently in Dallas recruiting for about a week & also trying to see as much of the city as I can. I’ve had this weird thing about Dallas for years, not sure why but I’ve always thought it would be fun city!

My weekend started in a completely different state than this trip or home, Indiana. I was finishing up a few days in Indy and made my way back to Chicago in the afternoon, this being the first Friday in awhile that I was home I wanted to relax.. so we opted for Grubhub and on-demand movie viewing. If you haven’t watched the Batman movie from 1966 in awhile I would highly recommend that you find it ASAP! It’s hilariously cheese, over the top, and incredibly fun!

Saturday morning just like most, a bagel, a workout at Full Psycle, and then prepping for the week ahead. I needed to do tons of laundry & packing before I got to enjoy a dinner with friends at Seasons 52 in the evening. If you’ve never eaten at Seasons it’s a health focused but delicious concept which features seasonal focused dishes.

I hit the ground, or runway I should say pretty early on Sunday headed here to Dallas. Thankfully I had an easy flight, no traffic, & smooth check in at the hotel so I was able to grab lunch at Snap Kitchen before going out to explore a little. I made sure to swing by the Pride parade but it was way too hot for me to be outside so instead I made my way to the Dallas Contempary, an art museum which had some pretty cool work! I ended the day with a less than healthy dinner at Jack in the Box, but when I can get it I have too!

Got any last minute recommendations for me in Dallas? I’m headed back home on Friday and am looking forward to celebrating Full Psycle’s 1 year anniversary on Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by!


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