Tips for Travel Fitness

Staying focused & working out can be hard while traveling, there is so much temptation, so many excuses & plenty of other things that you could be doing, but if you do just a little bit of work you can incorporate fitness into travel!  There are plenty of offerings today to help us with this, you’ve got apps for your phone, gyms in the hotel, & of course services like Classpass.  The biggest hurdle is the mental one, if you view working out as part of your daily life you might want to avoid it at all costs, so here are some tips I have for making travel a bit more healthy.

Try Something New – If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to workout simply because it feels like your daily routine switch it up.  If you normally do Yoga instead go for a long walk or swim some laps in the hotel pool.  Changing up your workout can make it feel like part of vacation, plus the next time you do that it’ll bring back the memories of your vacation!

Stay at a hotel that makes it easy – there are plenty of options for your lodging now a days, you can stay at a traditional hotel, a pod, heck if you are comfortable you can crash on someone’s couch!  If you do opt for the more traditional route choose a hotel that is either health focused like the new IHG offering Even, or one that at least has the equipment you’ll use, tip for Yoga lovers – Kimpton Hotels all feature a Yoga mat in room.

Do as the Locals do – If you want to combine fitness & exploration you can download running maps from plenty of online resources & most of these were created by the people who live there – not a tourism group.  These are great ways to find routes that you might normally miss.

How do you include fitness in your travel plans?


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