Weekend Recap 9.9.15

This weekend was the start of my vacation, so clearly it was AWESOME.  We will have made it through Glacier Bay & on our way to places like Juneau &Keithchan by now – I’m sure I’m having a blast… but that’s for next week’s post!

On Friday we took an afternoon flight out to Seattle so that we could see the Pacific Northwest for awhile, I’ve got a co-worker who has been raving about it!  The flight was enjoyable, the plane we were on had a pretty good in flight entertainment system so I got to watch a movie that I’ve had on my list for years, A Single Man, all I can say is wow.  So good.  Once we made it to Seattle, got downtown to our hotel, & freshened up… I was starving, so we took some local recommendations and tried out Serious Pie for dinner.

I wanted to get a jump on Saturday so we grabbed some coffee & went out on a hunt for Top Pot Doughnuts, they are delicious by the way!  We then spent a little time exploring the city & checking out some of the sights.   Next up was a BBQ & meeting some of the boyfriend’s former classmates from his high school days before we made our way out to see the famous waterfalls.

On Sunday we opted for a quick breakfast and stroll around the city before heading down to the docks for the Cruise Ships & that’s where the day ends.  I won’t be live posting from the boat… because vacation.

I hope that you had a great labor day weekend & look forward to sharing my experience onboard the Norwegian Pearl!


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