Get to Know Me – My 5 Favorite Vacation Spots

Hello there!  This post comes to you by the power of scheduled posts, when this goes live I will be making my way north towards Glacier Bay & Alaska!  In light of the fact that I’m on vacation I thought I’d share some of my favorite vacation spots & tips for each of them!

Favorite Beach – St Pete Beach

View from the Hurricane

The first time I visited St Pete I was on a spring break trip with my college friends & I immediately fell in love.  There is just something so much more calm & relaxing than other beaches I’ve been to, plus I love the view from the Hurricane restaurant!

The best dinner & a view is at the Hurricane Restaurant

Favorite City Spot – New York City

New York Public Library

My first love affair with NYC was at a young age, during my 8th grade year my school took a group of us to NYC, we saw a play, attempted to get on the Today Show, & yelled outside TRL… since that visit I’ve still done some of the same but have refined my experience as well.  I still love to see shows on/off Broadway, but don’t make it a point to stop in Time Square anymore.

The coolest theater experience only happens once a year, but I highly recommend the NYC Fringe Festival

Favorite Historical Spot – New Orleans
New Orleans Cemetary

New Orleans has always had a spot in my heart & I almost went to college there, alas I stayed in Ohio but NOLA has become a part of me nonetheless.  I’ve been to plenty of places with historical value, Boston, DC, heck Cleveland Ohio is the home of electric street lights in the US, but New Orleans is the place where I can truly feel the history.  I think part of the reason NOLA is my favorite place to sneak back in time is that because while it has changed & adapted there are still parts of it that are exactly the same!

The Best croissant I’ve had in my life as at Le Croissant d’Or

Favorite Spot to Relax – Napa Valley


I’m not typically one to relax on vacations, I like to do as much as possible, see all the sights, & taste all the food, however Napa Valley helped me to slow down (or at least the wine did!). There is a calm that settles around you when you look out over acres of grapes or the insides of a wine cave… It’s just amazing.

Best tour I’ve ever been on – Absolutely Fabulous Tour

Favorite Party Spot – New Orleans


When it comes to partying the Big Easy just can’t be beat!  I’ve been to other cities people typically party in, but NOLA delivers an experience you just can’t else where!  Portable drinks, walk-able entertainment district, & plenty of food to help a hangover the next day make New Orleans the place I want to go if I’m looking to cut loose & have fun.

Drink you have to try – Monsoon at Port of Call PLUS an awesome burger since you’re already there!

What types of vacations are your favorites?  This cruise will be my first one, so I’m excited to see if this becomes my new top choice!


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