Weekend Recap 9.23.15

Howdy! This week’s recap is coming to ya from the lone star state, I’m currently in Dallas recruiting for about a week & also trying to see as much of the city as I can. I’ve had this weird thing about Dallas for years, not sure why but I’ve always thought it would be fun city!

My weekend started in a completely different state than this trip or home, Indiana. I was finishing up a few days in Indy and made my way back to Chicago in the afternoon, this being the first Friday in awhile that I was home I wanted to relax.. so we opted for Grubhub and on-demand movie viewing. If you haven’t watched the Batman movie from 1966 in awhile I would highly recommend that you find it ASAP! It’s hilariously cheese, over the top, and incredibly fun!

Saturday morning just like most, a bagel, a workout at Full Psycle, and then prepping for the week ahead. I needed to do tons of laundry & packing before I got to enjoy a dinner with friends at Seasons 52 in the evening. If you’ve never eaten at Seasons it’s a health focused but delicious concept which features seasonal focused dishes.

I hit the ground, or runway I should say pretty early on Sunday headed here to Dallas. Thankfully I had an easy flight, no traffic, & smooth check in at the hotel so I was able to grab lunch at Snap Kitchen before going out to explore a little. I made sure to swing by the Pride parade but it was way too hot for me to be outside so instead I made my way to the Dallas Contempary, an art museum which had some pretty cool work! I ended the day with a less than healthy dinner at Jack in the Box, but when I can get it I have too!

Got any last minute recommendations for me in Dallas? I’m headed back home on Friday and am looking forward to celebrating Full Psycle’s 1 year anniversary on Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by!


Full Psycle is spreading

Imagine my excitement this morning while flipping through facebook & finding a story announcing that my favorite gym is going to start franchising!  I love the workout I get at Full Psycle Chicago and look forward to being able to get the same style of workout in even more cities soon!

Here is a link to the full story

The article talks about the story of the initial development as well as why they decided to go national, & I must say that it’s an exciting story!  I wish the Full Psycle team nothing but the best of luck – as you grown please make sure not to change too much!

Weekend Recap 9.16.2015

Hello there!  Slighly later than usual weekend recap.. but there are many reasons for that!  I just spent the last week (& weekend) in Alaska!!!  I was lucky enough to be able to go on a cruise to Alaska this year for my labor day trip & it was awesome!

I will be doing a full series of posts on the experience I had on the boat, the excusions, cruising in general etc. but for now I just wanted to share a few photos from the weekend.

As soon as I got back to Chicago I was turning around and packing my bags for the first of many work trips over the next few months – headed to Indianapolis followed by Dallas next week!  I hope that you had a good holiday weekend.

Tips for Travel Fitness

Staying focused & working out can be hard while traveling, there is so much temptation, so many excuses & plenty of other things that you could be doing, but if you do just a little bit of work you can incorporate fitness into travel!  There are plenty of offerings today to help us with this, you’ve got apps for your phone, gyms in the hotel, & of course services like Classpass.  The biggest hurdle is the mental one, if you view working out as part of your daily life you might want to avoid it at all costs, so here are some tips I have for making travel a bit more healthy.

Try Something New – If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to workout simply because it feels like your daily routine switch it up.  If you normally do Yoga instead go for a long walk or swim some laps in the hotel pool.  Changing up your workout can make it feel like part of vacation, plus the next time you do that it’ll bring back the memories of your vacation!

Stay at a hotel that makes it easy – there are plenty of options for your lodging now a days, you can stay at a traditional hotel, a pod, heck if you are comfortable you can crash on someone’s couch!  If you do opt for the more traditional route choose a hotel that is either health focused like the new IHG offering Even, or one that at least has the equipment you’ll use, tip for Yoga lovers – Kimpton Hotels all feature a Yoga mat in room.

Do as the Locals do – If you want to combine fitness & exploration you can download running maps from plenty of online resources & most of these were created by the people who live there – not a tourism group.  These are great ways to find routes that you might normally miss.

How do you include fitness in your travel plans?

Weekend Recap 9.9.15

This weekend was the start of my vacation, so clearly it was AWESOME.  We will have made it through Glacier Bay & on our way to places like Juneau &Keithchan by now – I’m sure I’m having a blast… but that’s for next week’s post!

On Friday we took an afternoon flight out to Seattle so that we could see the Pacific Northwest for awhile, I’ve got a co-worker who has been raving about it!  The flight was enjoyable, the plane we were on had a pretty good in flight entertainment system so I got to watch a movie that I’ve had on my list for years, A Single Man, all I can say is wow.  So good.  Once we made it to Seattle, got downtown to our hotel, & freshened up… I was starving, so we took some local recommendations and tried out Serious Pie for dinner.

I wanted to get a jump on Saturday so we grabbed some coffee & went out on a hunt for Top Pot Doughnuts, they are delicious by the way!  We then spent a little time exploring the city & checking out some of the sights.   Next up was a BBQ & meeting some of the boyfriend’s former classmates from his high school days before we made our way out to see the famous waterfalls.

On Sunday we opted for a quick breakfast and stroll around the city before heading down to the docks for the Cruise Ships & that’s where the day ends.  I won’t be live posting from the boat… because vacation.

I hope that you had a great labor day weekend & look forward to sharing my experience onboard the Norwegian Pearl!

Get to Know Me – My 5 Favorite Vacation Spots

Hello there!  This post comes to you by the power of scheduled posts, when this goes live I will be making my way north towards Glacier Bay & Alaska!  In light of the fact that I’m on vacation I thought I’d share some of my favorite vacation spots & tips for each of them!

Favorite Beach – St Pete Beach

View from the Hurricane

The first time I visited St Pete I was on a spring break trip with my college friends & I immediately fell in love.  There is just something so much more calm & relaxing than other beaches I’ve been to, plus I love the view from the Hurricane restaurant!

The best dinner & a view is at the Hurricane Restaurant

Favorite City Spot – New York City

New York Public Library

My first love affair with NYC was at a young age, during my 8th grade year my school took a group of us to NYC, we saw a play, attempted to get on the Today Show, & yelled outside TRL… since that visit I’ve still done some of the same but have refined my experience as well.  I still love to see shows on/off Broadway, but don’t make it a point to stop in Time Square anymore.

The coolest theater experience only happens once a year, but I highly recommend the NYC Fringe Festival

Favorite Historical Spot – New Orleans
New Orleans Cemetary

New Orleans has always had a spot in my heart & I almost went to college there, alas I stayed in Ohio but NOLA has become a part of me nonetheless.  I’ve been to plenty of places with historical value, Boston, DC, heck Cleveland Ohio is the home of electric street lights in the US, but New Orleans is the place where I can truly feel the history.  I think part of the reason NOLA is my favorite place to sneak back in time is that because while it has changed & adapted there are still parts of it that are exactly the same!

The Best croissant I’ve had in my life as at Le Croissant d’Or

Favorite Spot to Relax – Napa Valley


I’m not typically one to relax on vacations, I like to do as much as possible, see all the sights, & taste all the food, however Napa Valley helped me to slow down (or at least the wine did!). There is a calm that settles around you when you look out over acres of grapes or the insides of a wine cave… It’s just amazing.

Best tour I’ve ever been on – Absolutely Fabulous Tour

Favorite Party Spot – New Orleans


When it comes to partying the Big Easy just can’t be beat!  I’ve been to other cities people typically party in, but NOLA delivers an experience you just can’t else where!  Portable drinks, walk-able entertainment district, & plenty of food to help a hangover the next day make New Orleans the place I want to go if I’m looking to cut loose & have fun.

Drink you have to try – Monsoon at Port of Call PLUS an awesome burger since you’re already there!

What types of vacations are your favorites?  This cruise will be my first one, so I’m excited to see if this becomes my new top choice!

Weekend Recap – 9.2.15

Hi there & welcome to this weekend’s recap.  The workday on Friday seemed never ending, by the time lunch rolled around I felt like I had been in the office for decades… I don’t’ know what the issue was, but it just dragged.. maybe it was because I was looking forward to all of the fun I was going to have that night!  We had dinner at Pizza East, part of the SoHo House Chicago property, before heading to the Chicago Spirit Brigade event.  This year for the Starry Night event CSB changed locations & provided us with a KILLER view & rooftop, I regret not taking pictures!

Saturday in the Chicago was not the summer dream we all hoped it would be, instead there was lots of on/off rain, which put a damper on lots of my plans.  I still managed to grab breakfast at a new spot, Meli Cafe, which is in Greektown & has been for quite awhile!  I also took advantage of a rainy day to get a class in at Flywheel before what was supposed to be a patio party in my building… BUT the rain cancelled that so instead the boyfriend and I watching The Kingsman.

On Sunday I had to tackle a bit of planning for my upcoming trip, so I skipped the gym this morning & instead worked on my packing list.  The idea of packing for 11 days is way overwhelming!  I can’t tell you how many links I’ve looked at from Pinterest at this point about how to pack for a cruise!  After all of that hard work I got to have some fun at Big Hot Bang, a pop-up mashup/book tour for Big Gay Ice Cream, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, & Bang Bang Pie Company.  The event was fun & allowed us to sample delicious treats from all 3 companies present… plus I got a signed copy of the new Big Gay Ice Cream book so it’s a HUGE win all around.

This was in a lot of ways the final summer weekend for me in Chicago because I leave Friday for an Alaska Cruise/few days in Seattle & by the time I get back it could very well be Fall in Chicago, plus I’ll be hitting the road for work so I’m glad to that I got to spend a significant portion of the weekend outside.

How are you celebrating the final few weeks of summer?