Spin, Yoga, & Bootcamps Oh My!

Often in my life I’ve felt like goldilocks, spending a whole lot of time looking for something that fits perfect, and all too often finding that nothing is a perfect fit BUT I have found something that is pretty close to a perfect fit when it comes to my relationship with fitness, Classpass.

If you aren’t familar Classpass is a membership based program that allows you to visit different gyms & studios to take advantage of their group fitness classes.  A Classpass membership is like a passport to the world of group fitness, you can take a cycling class one day, yoga the next, & HIIT bootcamp on Saturday.  There are some limitations, obviously, for instance limited visits to each gym – 3 times per month, cancellation fees (less than 10 hours before), BUT even in light of those I’ve found Classpass to be a great option for me!

Lets take a quick trip down memory lane, starting with my formative years as a chubby kid who attempted to work our/run but was eating horribly.  I didn’t see results, so I quickly gave up.  While in college I attempted to get back onto the fitness train, but found the gym intimidating (sharing it with college athletes can be a bit much).  This has been my relationship with fitness for a long time, I’d start, lose motivation or interest, & stop working out.

This is where Classpass steps in, I don’t get bored with my workouts, I don’t lose motivation because I can switch up my workout, find a new instructor, try tabata, etc.  One of the most important things to do with a Classpass membership is to explore & figure out what makes you motivated, I’ve found that cycling & tabata style workouts are 2 things I enjoy, likewise I’ve found that yoga just isn’t for me.

The other big positive I’ve found with Classpass is that I can use it while traveling.  This is awesome for a few reasons, 1 – I can stay on track, 2 – I can try new workouts & gyms, 3 – I don’t have to pay anything more to do this! My favorite class that I’ve taken while traveling was a cycling class at Hard Candy, a gym founded by Madonna!!, while in Toronto.  The instructor was great, it was a music video format, & they played some great songs!

If you are interested in becoming a member of Classpass you can sign up on their website – it costs $99 per month & you have the option to cancel at any time.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing some of my favorite gyms & classes in Chicago PLUS cities that I’ll be traveling to this fall.

What types of fitness classes do you like best?


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