Weekend Recap 8.26.15

Another weekend  & LOTS more fun was had taking advantage of those last few weeks of Chicago in the summer!  I attempted to somehow have both a relaxing but also fun weekend – which is hard for someone like me who tends to overbook themselves.

I don’t normally plan workouts on Friday nights because.. well it’s Friday, if there is ever a day that calls for a skip day this is it, but my favorite gym was hosting a pretty awesome activity so I had to make an exception!

Full Psycle, one of the best gyms for indoor cycling in Chicago, was hosting an outdoor spin at Whole Foods complete with samples & goodies from a number of awesome sponsors.  I arrived in time to get setup, enjoy some of the fabulous Chicago weather, & get an awesome workout before grabbing some samples from brands like Nuun, Vega, & Whole Foods. They had 3 classes throughout the evening, I’m sure the late night spin at 9 would have been fun, but even I have my limits!

After a night like that I knew that I needed to relax a bit, so attending an awards party for the Chicago Spirit Brigade on Saturday was exactly what the doctor ordered.  If you aren’t familiar with the Chicago Spirit Brigade (CSB) they are a group of adult cheerleaders, dancers, drill, & volunteers who are dedicated to raising money & awareness for non-profits in the Chicago area.  I’ve been a volunteer with CSB for 2 seasons now – if you are interested I’d encourage you to check them out!  Lots of fun to be hand with this amazing group of people.

To celebrate the end of the most recent season Sidetrack gracious offered to host us for an afternoon of fun, which was had by all! – This coming Friday they are hosting their annual fundraiser – Starry Night purchase tickets here – http://starrynight2015.brownpapertickets.com/

I finally took a break from all of the fun & spent Sunday doing somewhat more relaxing & close to home things.  I went on a big shopping trip to grab some last minute items for our cruise (Alaska here we come… in 2 weeks) plus got some new art & a calendar from Rebecca Plotnick – who was exhibiting her AWESOME stuff at the West Loop Art Fest.

What fun did you get in too this past weekend?


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