Brave New Worlds with Birchbox Man – August 2015

In addition to the normal Birchbox experience of trying new grooming products this month we were treated to a VR – that’s right! Virtual Reality – experience.


Everyone – no matter what your preferences might be – got a VR viewer from River a company that creates VR experiences using your smartphone!  The viewer was simple to put together & offered a glimpse into what the future of entertainment might look like.  I enjoyed this – but can’t say that it was a standout winner, if only because of the limited content.

I got two more products from V76 by Vaughn an energizing body wash which smells great & a styling cream that I haven’t yet used.  I’ve enjoyed the other products by this brand & am excited to see what else they have to offer.

The scent of the month came from Costume National & smelled pretty good!  It came in my preferred bottle as well, so I can’t wait to try this one out during some upcoming travel (I tend to wear more cologne during vacation than at home).

I was treated to another product from the Baxter of California line, this time one of their hair care products – The Hard Cream Pomade – I’ve only used it once so far, but I found it to be a good option for keeping your hair in place.

Das Boom Industries made another appearance, & just like my last sample from this brand I’m not a fan.  The scent profile is just to earthy for me, if you like smelling like juniper, pine, or cedar then make sure to grab some of their Denali line because it absolutely delivers those scents.

The final product of the month was my lifestyle item – The Coalatree Nomad bag, which I believe is a Birchbox exclusive.  This backpack which folds down into a pouch has been one my favorite lifestyle items (it’s actually getting used!!!).

Interested in learning more about Birchbox Man or signing up for your own box?  Click this link to sign up.

Which of these products would be your favorite?


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