Get to Know Me – 10 Facts

Hi there!  I realized that while you might have been reading my thoughts you probably don’t know too much about me just yet (other than where I like to workout, my Birchbox obsession, & that I love Chicago!).  Here are 10 fast facts about me, Will K!

  1. I’m the oldest of 3 – I have both a brother & sister, both of whom have children so I’m also an uncle.
  2. I’ve only lived in 2 states my whole life  – I grew up, went to college, had my first 2 jobs, & went to graduate school all in Ohio but fell in love with Chicago during a summer internship.
  3. I just recently went on my first international travel (as an adult)… to Canada.
  4. I still use a Blackberry – BUT not an old Curve that you are thinking of right now.
  5. I can be an incredibly picky eater at times – but also tend to enjoy odd foods that most “picky people” wouldn’t enjoy.
  6. Fall is my favorite season, so clearly I’m getting happier as the days start to get cooler & shorter.
  7. Green is my favorite color – any shade including neon & puke.
  8. Airports are one of my favorite places, others include coffee shops & libraries.
  9. I am early to everything, it’s both a blessing and a curse.
  10. Blogging is not my day job… (no surprise there!) I’m actually a college admission counselor.

And there you have it, 10 fast facts about me.  Do we share any similarities?  Are you polar opposites with me?


Spin, Yoga, & Bootcamps Oh My!

Often in my life I’ve felt like goldilocks, spending a whole lot of time looking for something that fits perfect, and all too often finding that nothing is a perfect fit BUT I have found something that is pretty close to a perfect fit when it comes to my relationship with fitness, Classpass.

If you aren’t familar Classpass is a membership based program that allows you to visit different gyms & studios to take advantage of their group fitness classes.  A Classpass membership is like a passport to the world of group fitness, you can take a cycling class one day, yoga the next, & HIIT bootcamp on Saturday.  There are some limitations, obviously, for instance limited visits to each gym – 3 times per month, cancellation fees (less than 10 hours before), BUT even in light of those I’ve found Classpass to be a great option for me!

Lets take a quick trip down memory lane, starting with my formative years as a chubby kid who attempted to work our/run but was eating horribly.  I didn’t see results, so I quickly gave up.  While in college I attempted to get back onto the fitness train, but found the gym intimidating (sharing it with college athletes can be a bit much).  This has been my relationship with fitness for a long time, I’d start, lose motivation or interest, & stop working out.

This is where Classpass steps in, I don’t get bored with my workouts, I don’t lose motivation because I can switch up my workout, find a new instructor, try tabata, etc.  One of the most important things to do with a Classpass membership is to explore & figure out what makes you motivated, I’ve found that cycling & tabata style workouts are 2 things I enjoy, likewise I’ve found that yoga just isn’t for me.

The other big positive I’ve found with Classpass is that I can use it while traveling.  This is awesome for a few reasons, 1 – I can stay on track, 2 – I can try new workouts & gyms, 3 – I don’t have to pay anything more to do this! My favorite class that I’ve taken while traveling was a cycling class at Hard Candy, a gym founded by Madonna!!, while in Toronto.  The instructor was great, it was a music video format, & they played some great songs!

If you are interested in becoming a member of Classpass you can sign up on their website – it costs $99 per month & you have the option to cancel at any time.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing some of my favorite gyms & classes in Chicago PLUS cities that I’ll be traveling to this fall.

What types of fitness classes do you like best?

Weekend Recap 8.26.15

Another weekend  & LOTS more fun was had taking advantage of those last few weeks of Chicago in the summer!  I attempted to somehow have both a relaxing but also fun weekend – which is hard for someone like me who tends to overbook themselves.

I don’t normally plan workouts on Friday nights because.. well it’s Friday, if there is ever a day that calls for a skip day this is it, but my favorite gym was hosting a pretty awesome activity so I had to make an exception!

Full Psycle, one of the best gyms for indoor cycling in Chicago, was hosting an outdoor spin at Whole Foods complete with samples & goodies from a number of awesome sponsors.  I arrived in time to get setup, enjoy some of the fabulous Chicago weather, & get an awesome workout before grabbing some samples from brands like Nuun, Vega, & Whole Foods. They had 3 classes throughout the evening, I’m sure the late night spin at 9 would have been fun, but even I have my limits!

After a night like that I knew that I needed to relax a bit, so attending an awards party for the Chicago Spirit Brigade on Saturday was exactly what the doctor ordered.  If you aren’t familiar with the Chicago Spirit Brigade (CSB) they are a group of adult cheerleaders, dancers, drill, & volunteers who are dedicated to raising money & awareness for non-profits in the Chicago area.  I’ve been a volunteer with CSB for 2 seasons now – if you are interested I’d encourage you to check them out!  Lots of fun to be hand with this amazing group of people.

To celebrate the end of the most recent season Sidetrack gracious offered to host us for an afternoon of fun, which was had by all! – This coming Friday they are hosting their annual fundraiser – Starry Night purchase tickets here –

I finally took a break from all of the fun & spent Sunday doing somewhat more relaxing & close to home things.  I went on a big shopping trip to grab some last minute items for our cruise (Alaska here we come… in 2 weeks) plus got some new art & a calendar from Rebecca Plotnick – who was exhibiting her AWESOME stuff at the West Loop Art Fest.

What fun did you get in too this past weekend?

Brave New Worlds with Birchbox Man – August 2015

In addition to the normal Birchbox experience of trying new grooming products this month we were treated to a VR – that’s right! Virtual Reality – experience.


Everyone – no matter what your preferences might be – got a VR viewer from River a company that creates VR experiences using your smartphone!  The viewer was simple to put together & offered a glimpse into what the future of entertainment might look like.  I enjoyed this – but can’t say that it was a standout winner, if only because of the limited content.

I got two more products from V76 by Vaughn an energizing body wash which smells great & a styling cream that I haven’t yet used.  I’ve enjoyed the other products by this brand & am excited to see what else they have to offer.

The scent of the month came from Costume National & smelled pretty good!  It came in my preferred bottle as well, so I can’t wait to try this one out during some upcoming travel (I tend to wear more cologne during vacation than at home).

I was treated to another product from the Baxter of California line, this time one of their hair care products – The Hard Cream Pomade – I’ve only used it once so far, but I found it to be a good option for keeping your hair in place.

Das Boom Industries made another appearance, & just like my last sample from this brand I’m not a fan.  The scent profile is just to earthy for me, if you like smelling like juniper, pine, or cedar then make sure to grab some of their Denali line because it absolutely delivers those scents.

The final product of the month was my lifestyle item – The Coalatree Nomad bag, which I believe is a Birchbox exclusive.  This backpack which folds down into a pouch has been one my favorite lifestyle items (it’s actually getting used!!!).

Interested in learning more about Birchbox Man or signing up for your own box?  Click this link to sign up.

Which of these products would be your favorite?

Weekend Recap 8.19.15

Wow.  I don’t know about you but I feel like I just crammed a months worth of activity into the last weekend – that’s what we start doing once we realize that summer is almost over & Chicago will be blanketed in snow before we know it!   BUT it is not winter yet, so me (& most of Chicago it seemed) took advantage of those sunny days.

Thursday afternoon I was treated to a lunch time cruise with the new Spirit Cruises thanks to my office.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but this cruise blew my expectations out of the water!  The food was delicious, drinks were flowing, & staff was very accommodating!  The boat we were on had a combination of indoor dining & outdoor lounge space which allowed us to enjoy the sun PLUS we were treated to a preview of the Chicago Air and Water Show during the practice runs.

Friday  night was spent at home with the boyfriend trying out some new recipes from one our favorite new finds.  We stumbled upon Tastebook via twitter & have loved everything that we’ve made so far!

Birchbox Shipping Container Popup Shop
Birchbox Shipping Container Popup Shop

Saturday I started the day with a trip to the #birchboxinmycity event, for those of you who don’t have a Birchbox Obsession – it was a pop up shop with BYOB(Build your own Box), curated shopping, free salon services, & celeb appearances.  I will be doing a separate post ALL about this experience soon!

After the Birchbox event I took a class with my favorite Flywheel instructor & got ready for a house warming where I got to spend time with on my favorite canine buddies.

The weekend of activities continued into Sunday as well, with a concert at Pritzker Pavilion, which has to be one of the coolest places to watch a show.. not only was Idina Menzel amazing…. but there is something about the lit up skyline in the backdrop that just makes a show that much more exciting.

And that was the end the weekend!  Like I said, I filled it to the max – but we’ve only got a few summer weekends left so we need to take advantage of them right? What are you doing to squeeze the last drops of summer fun out of the next few weeks?

What Will K Said 2.0

Welcome to the new What Will K Said – a much more honest & realistic approach to sharing my thoughts.

When I first started this blog I had these great ideas of posting 3 times a week – on a very set & detailed schedule, I was going to post about specific topics on specific days… even though I know (and hopefully all of you know) that life doesn’t follow a set schedule, our thoughts don’t follow a set schedule, and true authentic ideas don’t flow in a detailed, specific, format.

Flash Forward to about a year since the first post & 7 months since the last post.  I can’t promise that I’ll post 3 days a week, BUT I can promise that I will share my true thoughts, my true feelings, & my true experiences.