Fall TV Season

Fall TV season is officially upon us, which for me is almost the same as saying that Christmas has arrived!  As long as I can remember I’ve been a huge fan of TV, from memories of watching TGIF as a kid with my parents, bonding with friends over Dawson’s Creek and the WB lineup in middle school, to avoiding homework during college with shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills… I’m a TV addict and totally comfortable admitting to that!

Each year during the upfronts I start to get excited, the promise of new favorites, the return of old friends, and the cattiness of waging bets on who gets cut first, and every fall I tune in to see how those shows have  changed since the initial announcement.  This fall was no different and I’ve got favorites from every network, but I’ve also got some that I don’t feel so positively about as well.

NBC – I’ve been a fan of NBC since the iconic Thursday nights of Friends, ER, etc.  This year I am enjoying two of their comedies – Bad Judge & The Mysteries of Laura.  They are both completely over the top, include moments of laugh out loud jokes/situations, but also have some heartfelt moments! If you enjoy Debra Messing you’ll love Mysteries of Laura!

ABC – I’ve got one word… .SHONDA. If I could think of an acronym it’d basically end up in that Shonda owns everything, How to Get Away with Murder is off to a great start!

FOX – Batman… no wait Gordon.. right we’re watching this for Detective Gordon, I’m loving Gotham!  The mixture of characters we know and love (can we talk about Selina!?!?!?!?) the new ones (Jada is doing a great job), and an eventual end that we are all looking forward to.  They’ve done a good job of holding my attention thus far, and we’ll see how that progresses over the next few weeks.

CBS – Madam Secretary is pretty much the person I wanted to be growing up (if I had gone into politics/CIA).  This show is off to a great start!  I really enjoy the cast of this including some of my favorites from previous shows including Zeljko Ivanek who I grew to love when he was on Damages season 1.

the CW – I’d love to say that I’ve watched a CW show yet.. but they are making me wait for the Flash… so I’ll have more information on that in a future post!

What are you loving?  Anything you can’t stand this fall?


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