Halloween Party Planning Tips

Hello and welcome to the first Themed Thursday, each month we’ll be sharing a different set of themed posts on Thursdays, the obvious choice for October is Halloween (aka my favorite holiday)! Over the course of the month we’ll be sharing party planning tips, music made to scare, how to create the perfect costume, and much more!

As I mentioned Halloween is my favorite holiday so you can bet that I’ve picked up some tips over the years of hosting halloween parties and I’m excited to share some of them with you!

Will’s Top Tips for Halloween Party Planning
1. A theme is important, so many people throw parties without a specific theme, which does make it easier for people to plan costumes…. BUT you miss out on the important elements of theming that way. Some of my favorite themes are; Bravo TV, the 1950’s, heroes & villians, & Broadway (this year’s theme!).

The important thing to remember is creating a theme that will allow flexibility for decorations, costumes, etc BUT one that evokes an idea as well.

2. Planning is an ART. All too often we think of party planning as throwing together some plates, developing a menu, and sending invites. These are all important parts of planning but you also need to make sure that you are making smart decisions, for instance the food is it easy to eat? No-one wants to deal with food requiring plates & utensils if you’ve set up the location as a cocktail party.

image courtesy of www.freerangestock.com
Edging into the overdecorating territory

3. Decorating is good, overdecorating is bad. All too often I’ve seen parties that could have used the old adage of remove one thing before you leave the house, in this case it’s remove one thing for every guest that comes in. You don’t want to have so many decorations that people don’t notice your hard work!

4. Invite Early! This is one of the most important tips (for all parties not just halloween parties) If you want people to attend you event you need to give them ample time to plan (remember the theme you picked out they’ll need time to figure out a costume that matches). The other benefit of this is that if you send out invites early you’ll have flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

image courtesy of www.freerangestock.com
Way too scary!

5. Keep it fun! If guests want to get scared they’ll go to a haunted house not a party. There is nothing I dislike more than going to halloween party and the host thinks they are the next Wes Craven, a surprise here or there is fun but if you’ve pulled out every horror movie trick it’s going to get old really quick!

These are some of my favorite tips, but what do you think? Agree with me on some of these? Think I’m crazy and would LOVE to be scared every few minutes? Lets discuss in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!


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