Pizza in the West Loop (of Chicago)

Theres something about Friday nights that just scream Pizza to me, I know for a lot of people there Pizza day is Sunday, to enjoy with the football games, but for me Pizza is just the perfect Friday evening meal. I think it’s because after a week of work the thought of going home and cooking is just so far out of the realm of possibilty for me so Pizza is a great option, even if I make it fresh at home it’s one of the least labor intensive meals I make. Luckily for me though I live in an area with plenty of options for having someone else make my pizza.

Lets go ahead and address the elephant in the room… so I’m from Chicago, hence I must ONLY eat deep dish right? Wrong. Chicago does do amazing deep dish, but we’ve got plenty of other options as well, in my neighborhood alone I can get everything from deep dish to cracker thin.

Vincenzos, a sports bar which happens to serve a crowd favorite pizza. The crust can run alittle thin for my likings, but plenty of people enjoy their pies. Fun fact.. This places will likely be seen A LOT on the next season of the Real World as one of the housemates works there.

Old Fifth takes a new approach to pizza in Chicago offering up a few different options including their double decker. They also happen to have a HUGE wall of Whiskey. This establishment is another that will likely get some screen time on the Real World because not one… but TWO of the cast members work here as well.

Pizza East is housed within the SoHo house which opened in the last few months in the west loop. The pizza was alittle too “floppy” for me, i prefer a crust that can stand up a bit more, but the sauce and toppings are pretty delicious.

Parlor Pizza Bar happens to be the newest addition to the West Loop pizza scene after a very long drawn out remodeling that left us hoping they would open at many different points over the summer. The pizza itself was great, the staff is clearly still learning and the management has placed a few too many tables inside for truly comfortable dining in my opinon.

Nellcote isn’t technically a pizzeria and my significant other would make a distinction between Pizza and flat breads.. but if i’m in the mood for pizza this is one of the first places that comes to mind. The toppings are very high quality but the standout for them is their dough, which is made with flour milled in house (which isn’t all that common!)

Giordanos happens to be the only “chicago style” pizza currently available in the West Loop (sorta) located closer to the UIC campus than most West Loop destinations this location works in a quick pinch for the traditional deep dish.

But that’s not all, we’ve also got plenty of places on the horizon as well including one that comes highly recommended by friends which sadly looks to be quite a ways off still, as well as Chicago favorite Lou Malnatis! No matter where you decide to eat I can almost promise that you’ll have a great slice!


Fall TV Season

Fall TV season is officially upon us, which for me is almost the same as saying that Christmas has arrived!  As long as I can remember I’ve been a huge fan of TV, from memories of watching TGIF as a kid with my parents, bonding with friends over Dawson’s Creek and the WB lineup in middle school, to avoiding homework during college with shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills… I’m a TV addict and totally comfortable admitting to that!

Each year during the upfronts I start to get excited, the promise of new favorites, the return of old friends, and the cattiness of waging bets on who gets cut first, and every fall I tune in to see how those shows have  changed since the initial announcement.  This fall was no different and I’ve got favorites from every network, but I’ve also got some that I don’t feel so positively about as well.

NBC – I’ve been a fan of NBC since the iconic Thursday nights of Friends, ER, etc.  This year I am enjoying two of their comedies – Bad Judge & The Mysteries of Laura.  They are both completely over the top, include moments of laugh out loud jokes/situations, but also have some heartfelt moments! If you enjoy Debra Messing you’ll love Mysteries of Laura!

ABC – I’ve got one word… .SHONDA. If I could think of an acronym it’d basically end up in that Shonda owns everything, How to Get Away with Murder is off to a great start!

FOX – Batman… no wait Gordon.. right we’re watching this for Detective Gordon, I’m loving Gotham!  The mixture of characters we know and love (can we talk about Selina!?!?!?!?) the new ones (Jada is doing a great job), and an eventual end that we are all looking forward to.  They’ve done a good job of holding my attention thus far, and we’ll see how that progresses over the next few weeks.

CBS – Madam Secretary is pretty much the person I wanted to be growing up (if I had gone into politics/CIA).  This show is off to a great start!  I really enjoy the cast of this including some of my favorites from previous shows including Zeljko Ivanek who I grew to love when he was on Damages season 1.

the CW – I’d love to say that I’ve watched a CW show yet.. but they are making me wait for the Flash… so I’ll have more information on that in a future post!

What are you loving?  Anything you can’t stand this fall?

Birchbox Man – October 2014 – Fanfare Edition

It’s officially fall, the leaves are changing, the network tv shows are back on, and football has kicked off.  These are all things that I love, and Birchbox Man happens to be no different, for this months shipment we were treated to a partnership with the FXX show The League.  If you’re unfamiliar with the The League check out them, it’s a comedy based on a group of friends and their fantasy football competitions.


The October Birchbox included 5 items this month, including one item we had a say in choosing via email.  I’ve been using these products for about a week or so at this point and have some initial thoughts on them, as always I will have more detailed reactions in my Birchbox Man video when the next box arrives.  If you are interested in my FIRST reactions to this month or previous reactions checkout my September Birchbox video – Birchbox Man October 2014

das boom industries – Bay Rum, Smoke, & Dirt Everywhere Body Lotion – $24

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of smelling like rum, dirt, & smoke on a daily basis.





Quirky – Hang Tight Bungies -$11.97

I haven’t exactly figured out how to use these… but I’m very happy to have them!





Quirky – Cable Keeper – $11.97

Like the bungies above, I haven’t figured out where to use this…. but once I figure it out I’ll be happy that I have it!





Blind Barber – Watermint Gin Shave Cream – $22

This is by far the best product I got this month, I feel like I get a slightly closer shave than when using a gel/foam.





Like I said this just a quick sneak peek, if you want full reviews head over to my youtube channel What Will K Said and subscribe so that you can get notified when the video goes live (around the 25th of the month) plus checkout some of my other videos.  If you have any questions about these products let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Halloween Party Planning Tips

Hello and welcome to the first Themed Thursday, each month we’ll be sharing a different set of themed posts on Thursdays, the obvious choice for October is Halloween (aka my favorite holiday)! Over the course of the month we’ll be sharing party planning tips, music made to scare, how to create the perfect costume, and much more!

As I mentioned Halloween is my favorite holiday so you can bet that I’ve picked up some tips over the years of hosting halloween parties and I’m excited to share some of them with you!

Will’s Top Tips for Halloween Party Planning
1. A theme is important, so many people throw parties without a specific theme, which does make it easier for people to plan costumes…. BUT you miss out on the important elements of theming that way. Some of my favorite themes are; Bravo TV, the 1950’s, heroes & villians, & Broadway (this year’s theme!).

The important thing to remember is creating a theme that will allow flexibility for decorations, costumes, etc BUT one that evokes an idea as well.

2. Planning is an ART. All too often we think of party planning as throwing together some plates, developing a menu, and sending invites. These are all important parts of planning but you also need to make sure that you are making smart decisions, for instance the food is it easy to eat? No-one wants to deal with food requiring plates & utensils if you’ve set up the location as a cocktail party.

image courtesy of
Edging into the overdecorating territory

3. Decorating is good, overdecorating is bad. All too often I’ve seen parties that could have used the old adage of remove one thing before you leave the house, in this case it’s remove one thing for every guest that comes in. You don’t want to have so many decorations that people don’t notice your hard work!

4. Invite Early! This is one of the most important tips (for all parties not just halloween parties) If you want people to attend you event you need to give them ample time to plan (remember the theme you picked out they’ll need time to figure out a costume that matches). The other benefit of this is that if you send out invites early you’ll have flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

image courtesy of
Way too scary!

5. Keep it fun! If guests want to get scared they’ll go to a haunted house not a party. There is nothing I dislike more than going to halloween party and the host thinks they are the next Wes Craven, a surprise here or there is fun but if you’ve pulled out every horror movie trick it’s going to get old really quick!

These are some of my favorite tips, but what do you think? Agree with me on some of these? Think I’m crazy and would LOVE to be scared every few minutes? Lets discuss in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!