Entertainment Tuesday -October Movie Preview

It’s the almost the first Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for my Monthly Movie Preview (Normally this would be the first Tuesday but one of my picks comes out this week so we’re moving up our Movie Preview). I love movies, but sadly can’t see every one in the theaters (if I had the time for that….) Instead i’ll share with you my top two picks for the month, the two I’d skip, and finally one that left me scratching my head.

This is the month of October so as you can imagine there will be some horror films on the list, but there are some others coming out this month that look great as well!

image courtesy of www.freerangestock.com

Lets start with the positive ,my first choice for October 2014 is Gone Girl, I need to confess early that I’ve never read the book… I know… I know, I shoudn’t see the movie before reading the book (maybe I’ll try to crame that in quickly). Ben Affleck’s performance in the trailers look awesome, plus NPH, why woudln’t I be excited? October 3rd, 2014Trailer

The second film I’m hoping to checkout this month is Before I Go To Sleep, call me a sucker but if Nicole Kidman is in it, I’ll give it a chance. This film looks interesting, the idea of living your life without a solid understanding of who you are, who your significant other is, and the people supporting you in your life is pretty unnerving. October 31st, 2014Trailer

Now for the negatives… (which might be AWESOME movies but not ones that I’m interested in seeing)

First film on my skip list is Left Behind, really… I mean really.. What year is this? I remember when the first round of Left Behind books and movies came out, wasn’t interested then.. and not interested now. I will say that the idea of seeing Chad Michael Murray on screen again is enticing..#throwback but no. – October 3rd Trailer

Next we’ve got Ouija, lets let this sink in for a second – a film based off the Hasbro product…. did you read that… yes a film based off the Hasbro “board game” didn’t we learn our lesson with Battleship? This film’s only chance of doing well is that it’s coming out around Halloween which drives people to watch stuff like this! October 24th Trailer

Now we get a chance to look at a film that i’m torn about, it could be awesome.. but there’s something holding me back from committing to watching it, this month that honor goes to Birdman. I’m interested, I mean superheroes, the movie/film industry, and a slew of actors that I enjoy… but the trailer didn’t nail it on the head for me. It could be interesting or it could be a hot mess that would leave me wishing for more popcorn and snacks. October 17th, 2014 Trailer

These are just a few of the movies coming out in October, checkout the full list at the following link – http://www.movieinsider.com/movies/october/2014/

What are you excited about this month? Also, what’s your favorite candy at the movie theater? Mine would be a tie between Sno-Caps and Skittles!

Thanks for reading!


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