Foodie Friday – New Recipes

It’s Friday so time for us to talk food!  As you read last week I’m on a mission to start eating a bit healthier, the normal choices I make when it comes to food haven’t paid off that well (at least for my health… taste buds have enjoyed those bad choices!)

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One of the ways that I’m trying to eat healthier is by choosing recipes that replicate things I’d normally be drawn to but make them a bit better for me, so I spent a few hours on Pinterest looking for some new ideas and these are some of my favorites finds.

  • Skinny Orange Chicken – I am a sucker for chinese takeout (who isn’t?!?!?!)  This looks not only quick and easy but also delicious!
  • Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites – I’m on a mission to find out what everyone else has seemed to discover when it comes to Quinoa, this sounds right up my alley.
  • Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad – C’mon this just sounds great!  I love a chicken salad, but all that mayo(which is delicious) isn’t really great for you, this recipe replaces a lot of that with the Avocado!
  • Greek Yogurt Egg Salad – Another salad remix, this one combines one of my favorite things, eggs, with one of my least favorite, greek yogurt, but I’m willing to try it out!

Which one of these sounds the best to you?  I’ll be capturing my thoughts on some of these in a future video or blog, feel free to recommend your favorite for the highlight!


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