Entertainment Tuesday- My New Obsession Utopia

The fall has started, which means new TV shows for all of us to decide if we want to add to the regular rotation. I’ve found one that I absolutely love and hope does well enough to stick around for awhile.

The show I’ve developed an obsession for is Utopia, which is on FOX. The premise of the show is that 15 Americans were picked to develop their idea of utopia in a secluded environment away from the influence of others. Each month one of inhabitants is removed and replaced in order to replenish & refresh.

Lets talk about the things I like about the show

1. They were given the basics but have to figure out ways to sustain and develop. This isn’t a show like Big Brother were they are just hanging out for a period of filming doing whatever they want, these people have to take care of Chickens & Cows, work in the garden, install their own TOILETS, and wire the electricity.

One of the cool principles of the show is that they must develop business ideas in order to support themselves. The cast was given $5000 which they had to use to get supplies, food, etc. BUT when that runs out it runs out and they will need to develop ways to make cash to support themselves in the future.

2. The cast is already changing. I don’t wanna give away any spoilers but there have been changes to the original cast within the first 3 episodes, this is going to be important as the year goes on, it’ll keep things fresh, allow people to develop new relationships, and give us a influx of new ideas (and a bit of drama to drive the stories).

3. The idea is awesome, I wish I’d read about the show earlier I totally would have applied. This is like real life Biodome! I think that I would be a great addition to show because I’m so adaptable, thats the thing that seems to have given people the most trouble is just adapting to being away from home, away from modern conviences, etc. I think that I’d be able to manage those changes fine.

Alright so I’ve got you interested right? Here are all the details so that you can quickly become a fan of Utopia on FOX

Utopia airs on the Tuesdays & Fridays. You can also watch live streams on the website or iPad apps.

What are your thoughts? Are you like me and prefer this over Big Brother?

Thanks for reading!


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