Foodie Friday – What I Made

This week’s Foodie Friday comes in the form of something I made this past week, really 3 somethings I made this week!

I’ve been traveling for quite awhile, I was on vacation for about 10 days, then got back and shifted into travel season at work so I haven’t had much in the way of homemade food. This past Saturday initially going to be any different, we had a trip planned but at the last minute were stuck at home waiting for a delivery, which gave me an opportunity to finally make a home cooked meal!

image courtesy of
Don’t these apples just look delicious?

I started the day by going to my local farmers market where I was able to get some delicious looking zucchini & Michigan grown peaches & apples, which prompted me to pull up Pinterest and look for some dinner ideas. I finally settled on the following:

Zucchini “Fries” – I’ve recently decided to give this vegetable a chance in the replacing potatoes game & and I’ve gotta say that these were pretty delicious. My only suggestion would be either adding some additional spicies or whipping up a spicy aloli to serve this with as we felt like they could use some additional kick.

Easy Chicken Burritos – This was a wild card addition that makes no sense with Zucchini fries… but I wanted to try this one out and would highly recommend this as a quick dinner option. I was able to prepare all of this while the Zuchinni dish was cooking, which for me is deserves a gold medal I’m typically not able to make dinner in anything less than an hour!

Peach Cobbler Inspiried Cupcakes – I knew that I wanted to use the peaches I found at the market and searched for awhile till I found something that was appealing without requiring me to make a pie crust (I’m all for homemade but that was too much work) The texture of these cupcakes is great & the flavor is peach without being sugar, syrupy, sweet due to the incluision of the fresh peaches. I opted to whip up a quick Vanilla Buttercream to top them instead of the sugar crust mentioned on the recipe page.

Wow, that’s all I’ve got to say after making all that food! I don’t typically make 3 new dishes at once (usually a recipe for disaster) but this time it worked out well! The zucchini and Burritos will be added into our normal rotation now!

What are some of your favorite ways to use farm fresh ingredients? Any ideas for how I can use those apples?

Thanks for reading!


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