Entertainment Tuesday -October Movie Preview

It’s the almost the first Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for my Monthly Movie Preview (Normally this would be the first Tuesday but one of my picks comes out this week so we’re moving up our Movie Preview). I love movies, but sadly can’t see every one in the theaters (if I had the time for that….) Instead i’ll share with you my top two picks for the month, the two I’d skip, and finally one that left me scratching my head.

This is the month of October so as you can imagine there will be some horror films on the list, but there are some others coming out this month that look great as well!

image courtesy of www.freerangestock.com

Lets start with the positive ,my first choice for October 2014 is Gone Girl, I need to confess early that I’ve never read the book… I know… I know, I shoudn’t see the movie before reading the book (maybe I’ll try to crame that in quickly). Ben Affleck’s performance in the trailers look awesome, plus NPH, why woudln’t I be excited? October 3rd, 2014Trailer

The second film I’m hoping to checkout this month is Before I Go To Sleep, call me a sucker but if Nicole Kidman is in it, I’ll give it a chance. This film looks interesting, the idea of living your life without a solid understanding of who you are, who your significant other is, and the people supporting you in your life is pretty unnerving. October 31st, 2014Trailer

Now for the negatives… (which might be AWESOME movies but not ones that I’m interested in seeing)

First film on my skip list is Left Behind, really… I mean really.. What year is this? I remember when the first round of Left Behind books and movies came out, wasn’t interested then.. and not interested now. I will say that the idea of seeing Chad Michael Murray on screen again is enticing..#throwback but no. – October 3rd Trailer

Next we’ve got Ouija, lets let this sink in for a second – a film based off the Hasbro product…. did you read that… yes a film based off the Hasbro “board game” didn’t we learn our lesson with Battleship? This film’s only chance of doing well is that it’s coming out around Halloween which drives people to watch stuff like this! October 24th Trailer

Now we get a chance to look at a film that i’m torn about, it could be awesome.. but there’s something holding me back from committing to watching it, this month that honor goes to Birdman. I’m interested, I mean superheroes, the movie/film industry, and a slew of actors that I enjoy… but the trailer didn’t nail it on the head for me. It could be interesting or it could be a hot mess that would leave me wishing for more popcorn and snacks. October 17th, 2014 Trailer

These are just a few of the movies coming out in October, checkout the full list at the following link – http://www.movieinsider.com/movies/october/2014/

What are you excited about this month? Also, what’s your favorite candy at the movie theater? Mine would be a tie between Sno-Caps and Skittles!

Thanks for reading!


Foodie Friday – New Recipes

It’s Friday so time for us to talk food!  As you read last week I’m on a mission to start eating a bit healthier, the normal choices I make when it comes to food haven’t paid off that well (at least for my health… taste buds have enjoyed those bad choices!)

image courtesy of www.freerangestock.com

One of the ways that I’m trying to eat healthier is by choosing recipes that replicate things I’d normally be drawn to but make them a bit better for me, so I spent a few hours on Pinterest looking for some new ideas and these are some of my favorites finds.

  • Skinny Orange Chicken – I am a sucker for chinese takeout (who isn’t?!?!?!)  This looks not only quick and easy but also delicious!
  • Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites – I’m on a mission to find out what everyone else has seemed to discover when it comes to Quinoa, this sounds right up my alley.
  • Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad – C’mon this just sounds great!  I love a chicken salad, but all that mayo(which is delicious) isn’t really great for you, this recipe replaces a lot of that with the Avocado!
  • Greek Yogurt Egg Salad – Another salad remix, this one combines one of my favorite things, eggs, with one of my least favorite, greek yogurt, but I’m willing to try it out!

Which one of these sounds the best to you?  I’ll be capturing my thoughts on some of these in a future video or blog, feel free to recommend your favorite for the highlight!

Entertainment Tuesday- My New Obsession Utopia

The fall has started, which means new TV shows for all of us to decide if we want to add to the regular rotation. I’ve found one that I absolutely love and hope does well enough to stick around for awhile.

The show I’ve developed an obsession for is Utopia, which is on FOX. The premise of the show is that 15 Americans were picked to develop their idea of utopia in a secluded environment away from the influence of others. Each month one of inhabitants is removed and replaced in order to replenish & refresh.

Lets talk about the things I like about the show

1. They were given the basics but have to figure out ways to sustain and develop. This isn’t a show like Big Brother were they are just hanging out for a period of filming doing whatever they want, these people have to take care of Chickens & Cows, work in the garden, install their own TOILETS, and wire the electricity.

One of the cool principles of the show is that they must develop business ideas in order to support themselves. The cast was given $5000 which they had to use to get supplies, food, etc. BUT when that runs out it runs out and they will need to develop ways to make cash to support themselves in the future.

2. The cast is already changing. I don’t wanna give away any spoilers but there have been changes to the original cast within the first 3 episodes, this is going to be important as the year goes on, it’ll keep things fresh, allow people to develop new relationships, and give us a influx of new ideas (and a bit of drama to drive the stories).

3. The idea is awesome, I wish I’d read about the show earlier I totally would have applied. This is like real life Biodome! I think that I would be a great addition to show because I’m so adaptable, thats the thing that seems to have given people the most trouble is just adapting to being away from home, away from modern conviences, etc. I think that I’d be able to manage those changes fine.

Alright so I’ve got you interested right? Here are all the details so that you can quickly become a fan of Utopia on FOX

Utopia airs on the Tuesdays & Fridays. You can also watch live streams on the website or iPad apps.

What are your thoughts? Are you like me and prefer this over Big Brother?

Thanks for reading!

Foodie Friday – What I Made

This week’s Foodie Friday comes in the form of something I made this past week, really 3 somethings I made this week!

I’ve been traveling for quite awhile, I was on vacation for about 10 days, then got back and shifted into travel season at work so I haven’t had much in the way of homemade food. This past Saturday initially going to be any different, we had a trip planned but at the last minute were stuck at home waiting for a delivery, which gave me an opportunity to finally make a home cooked meal!

image courtesy of www.freerangestock.com
Don’t these apples just look delicious?

I started the day by going to my local farmers market where I was able to get some delicious looking zucchini & Michigan grown peaches & apples, which prompted me to pull up Pinterest and look for some dinner ideas. I finally settled on the following:

Zucchini “Fries” – I’ve recently decided to give this vegetable a chance in the replacing potatoes game & and I’ve gotta say that these were pretty delicious. My only suggestion would be either adding some additional spicies or whipping up a spicy aloli to serve this with as we felt like they could use some additional kick.

Easy Chicken Burritos – This was a wild card addition that makes no sense with Zucchini fries… but I wanted to try this one out and would highly recommend this as a quick dinner option. I was able to prepare all of this while the Zuchinni dish was cooking, which for me is deserves a gold medal I’m typically not able to make dinner in anything less than an hour!

Peach Cobbler Inspiried Cupcakes – I knew that I wanted to use the peaches I found at the market and searched for awhile till I found something that was appealing without requiring me to make a pie crust (I’m all for homemade but that was too much work) The texture of these cupcakes is great & the flavor is peach without being sugar, syrupy, sweet due to the incluision of the fresh peaches. I opted to whip up a quick Vanilla Buttercream to top them instead of the sugar crust mentioned on the recipe page.

Wow, that’s all I’ve got to say after making all that food! I don’t typically make 3 new dishes at once (usually a recipe for disaster) but this time it worked out well! The zucchini and Burritos will be added into our normal rotation now!

What are some of your favorite ways to use farm fresh ingredients? Any ideas for how I can use those apples?

Thanks for reading!

Entertainment Tuesday – FREE Books

Do you love to read? Can you finish a Harry Potter before the afternoon is over? If so I’ve got a great resource that I need to share with you!

Image courtesy of www.unsplash.com
A nice story, a sunny afternoon, and a grassy reading spot. Perfection.

A few months ago I purchased my first Kindle, I went with the basic edition, and have found that reading books on this is almost faster than traditional paper editions. If you love to read as much as I do it can get expensive QUICK!

The first resource I would recommend is simple (and one I’m sure you already visit) the Public Library. Like I said this one is simple, you know how this works you’ve been going since your were a kid probably!

The next resource is one that I’m so happy I found, not only does it provide me with free books… but it also allows me to discover new authors. Yes, I said free books! How does this work exactly? If you visit Pixel of Ink you’ll find twice a day listings of eBooks that are free or nearly free.

The way that it works is that you’ll need an Amazon account, you’ll download the books you’re interested in and then you can read these books on a Kindle, iPad, phone, computer, almost anything! You’ll find atleast 3 to 4 books which are free for one day only, usually they are being offered free to allow you to try out something new, to coincide with a new release by that author, or simply because they want to increase the number of downloads they’ve got.

I know what you’re thinking… but these are free they must be horrible… WRONG! I’ve found out of the 20 or so books I’ve downloaded that I’ve enjoyed almost all of them, I’ve found a few that I wasn’t a fan of.. but you can always have that whether in a bookstore, a library, or online.

Here are a few recommendations that I have which were all found because of Pixel of Ink:
Fresh Doubt – Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers – This one is my most recent find, I read the entire book over the course of two flights on my recent vacation. The character development is great, very gripping storyline, and it does a great job of keeping your attention without going too far outside the realm of reality.
Foul Player – The Doctor Jillian Series – Looking for a drama? How about some murder? You’ll find both of those plus a little romance in this story of a quick witted doctor who couldn’t accept the death of a friend.
Irreparable Harm – a Sasha McCandless Novel Power corrupts we’ve all heard it before, but just how corrupt can power drive some one? Sasha, a powerhouse lawyer is about to find out as she steps in to handle a case.

Who is your favorite author? I’m always on the hunt for my next page turner!

Thanks for reading

Foodie Friday – New Favorite Snack

Welcome to my first Foodie Friday post on the blog, each week I’ll be bringing you food related posts or videos, this week I’ve got a special treat that I love and think you might like as well!

I’ve been attempting to eat healthier recently and looking for some type of snack that I can have which tastes rich but isn’t ridiculously high in calories isn’t easy… BUT I’ve got one!  Dark Chocolate Almond Milk with Animal Crackers or Graham Crackers.


If you’re like me you love all things sweet, chocolate, or laden in sugar/fats…. but this isn’t always the best thing when thinking about your waste.  The thing I’ve found that I love about this snack is that it almost feels like I”m eating chocolate cookies!  The texture of the crackers once mixed with the milk is one of the big selling points!  I HATE hard cookies, so being able to take a cracker type of treat and turning into a more soft treat is great.

If you’re looking for a nice simple treat that won’t break your calorie count try this, let me know if you like it.  I’m sure that this would be good with all of the different varieties, I tend to prefer chocolate so that’s why I went for the dark chocolate but check out the Silk Almond Milk Page  They have a Vanilla that might pair event better with those Graham Crackers!  Almond Breeze (which also tastes just as well!) has a few different varieties including some coffee based drinks –

What types of health snacks do you reach for?  I’m always looking for something new to try out so please leave some ideas in the comments.


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